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PurErb was founded by Le Mieux Cosmetics founder and CEO, Janel Luu, and her two daughters, Gabrielle and Kayla, with a simple goal in mind—to produce professional-grade skincare using botanical ingredients and herbological principles. They knew there were many great natural ingredients that could deliver better results in skincare than ordinary products packed with silicones, sulfates, parabens, waxes and fillers.

We’re tired of saying “Why the heck am I putting that on my body?”

After over 30 years of experience in cosmeceuticals—cosmetics that incorporate bioactive ingredients—we wanted to pull from the remarkable technological advancements in botanical extraction and encapsulation to create what we call naturaceuticals. PurErb picks professional-grade botanical extracts and oils and expertly blends them with essential minerals, amino acids, and active ingredients to make high-functioning, professional beauty products.  

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We have 3 simple goals for our beauty products: 

Maintain a healthy environment for your skin and hair by nourishing them with essential proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals.

Prevent long-term damage and premature aging by producing gentle, non-inflammatory products and correcting damage from environmental stressors.

Restore your body’s natural glow by balancing hydration, encouraging cell turnover, and combating irritation. 

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