Our Story

Natural skin solutions, designed for you.


PurErb was founded by Le Mieux Cosmetics founder and CEO, Janel Luu, and her two daughters, Gabrielle and Kayla, with a simple goal in mind—to produce professional-grade skincare using botanical ingredients and herbological principles. They knew there were many great natural ingredients that could deliver better results in skincare than ordinary products packed with silicones, sulfates, parabens, waxes and fillers.

At PurErb, we believe that our skin, like our bodies, should be nourished with only the best ingredients in order to promote inner and outer wellbeing. So, we took a look around the world at the thousands of plant-based ingredients from different regions and cultures, then hand-picked some of the best to highlight in our products. Goodbye to the days of “what is that?” when reading a skincare ingredients list. You deserve to know what you are putting on your skin.